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 Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL Empty Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL

on Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:52 pm

 Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL Camera-giam-sat-yoosee-z18hl-cuc-net-cuc-ben-1m4G3-tMzHKi_simg_d0daf0_800x1200_max


Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL - Cực kỳ bền vững

Thông tin sản phẩm: Camera ip wifi nghe gọi điện thoại 2 chiều Yoosee Z18 với chất lượng hình ảnh cực cao và sắc nét.

Camera ip Yoosee full HD is camera camera does not start the remote message with the Customer Goods does not want to a first account for camera surveillance system

Yoosee  is one in the camera does not be selected multiple users in the current time. Camera Yoosee with some percentage of the image for the image HD, support connection with strings or wifi in range to 10m is the best choice for the windows, house, office, non templates ...

Floating point of the best camera line Yoosee

Cài đặt Yoosee Camera đơn giản :  Failed to provide the Vendor of the built of DNS features, only need only camera with the simple installation is a priority that the user like, not must modem modem, domain name, complex complex head as camera type with regular string.

Easy connection: Connect to the  internet with wifi or network network LAN, special can be connect with wifi help for any we may install any any any wifi with no back to network . This suitable for small small, some retail shop

Tích hợp nhiều tính năng:  Camera Yoosee is not simple installed in which has been even integrated features like : angle rotate horizontal 355 °, rotate vertical 90 ° ...

Chi phí hợp lý : Với máy ảnh IP có dây thông thường, bạn cần phải thêm trang, ổ cứng, jack BNC… thì new can be used. The policy will take a cost chi phí does not be small nếu such as your mounting only for the small space. However, if the selected camera robot Yoosee line will be longer many any useful for the user. With the price to just few percentage (option for each vendor) that the product for the quality quality, has an absolute for the user.

Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL - Cực kỳ bền vững


 Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL Camera-giam-sat-yoosee-z18hl-cuc-net-cuc-ben-1m4G3-WjCwTN_simg_d0daf0_800x1200_max

Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL - Cực kỳ bền vững

Digital Record: - Touch Image: 720P CMOS 1.0M

The system signal: PAL / NTSC - Video tốc độ: 25 FPS hoặc 30 FPS

- Motion detection: Yes

- Snapshot support: Yes

- NVR support: Yes

- Input sound: Microphone integrated

- Output sound: Microphone tích hợp, mounting tai nghe

- Support storage: 1 x Micro SD

- Alarm: Email support through email, email

- Báo cáo không dây: 64 ngành

- Support Wileless: 802.11 b / g / n

- Cổng Ethernet giao tiếp: RJ45 100m / 1000m / Base-TX

- Lens: 3.6 / 2.8mm

- Hồng ngoại: 10m

- Input source: DC5V 2A

- Nhiệt độ hoạt động: -10 độ đến 60 độ

  • Dynamic activity: max 90%

 Camera giám sát Yoosee Z18HL Camera-giam-sat-yoosee-z18hl-cuc-net-cuc-ben-1m4G3-MjmMmF_simg_d0daf0_800x1200_max
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